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If you’re planning a Summer wedding, it’s always good to know just what flowers are in bloom, how they cope in the heat (or the rain) and how to keep your flowers looking their best.

As the sun-soaked days of summer beckon, couples planning their dream weddings find inspiration in the vibrant blooms that characterise the season. From bold and bright to soft and romantic, summer wedding flowers bring a burst of colour and a touch of nature’s beauty to the celebration.

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There’s nothing quite like an English rose and this year, we are seeing more and more couples opting for a brighter palette in this bouquet and wedding staple. Whilst there is no beating the typical classic white rose, a bright colour can look pretty incredible in a tablescape or even in a brightly coloured bouquet. Opt for shades like coral, peach, or vibrant pink to infuse a romantic and classic feel into your summer wedding.

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With their lush, fluffy blooms, peonies are beloved for their soft, romantic appearance and continue to be a staple of the wedding scene. Choose from shades of white, blush, or coral to create arrangements that exude elegance and grace.


We love that Dahlias are becoming the hot English flower this summer. Boasting a diverse range of shapes and colours, dahlias add depth and texture to summer florals. From bold reds to pastel pinks, dahlias are a statement flower that can elevate any arrangement and we grow them right here in the UK.

Tips for Choosing Flowers for Summer Weddings

Yes, we know that we’re in England… and who knows what the weather will be like in the middle of summer. One minute cracking the flags, the next teaming it down with rain. But the summer heat can have a massive impact on your flowers, so it’s good to know what to look for in your summer wedding blooms.

Opt for flowers that can withstand warm temperatures. Heat-resistant blooms like zinnias, marigolds, and cosmos are excellent choices for summer weddings.

summer wedding flowers

Locally Grown

Explore the beauty of locally grown and seasonal flowers. Not only does this choice support local florists like us, but it also ensures that your blooms are at their freshest.

Enhance the vibrancy of your arrangements with lush greenery. Eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy can complement your summer blooms, adding texture and depth.

If you want to add a touch of the tropical to your summer flowers, hibiscus and orchids are a great choice.

Try to keep your flowers cool and out of the heat. If it’s an especially hot day, make sure you keep your freshly delivered bouquets in a cool, shaded spot, until you need them for the ceremony and photos.

If you’re wedding budget is spiralling out of control, choose daisies, carnations, and baby’s breath. All of these are budget-friendly options that can still create beautiful summer arrangements.

Why not choose potted plants, such as succulents or lavender, as part of your floristry decor. Not only do they make charming aisle and tablescapes, but can also serve as delightful wedding favors for guests.

Why not talk to us today about choosing Flowers for Summer Weddings? Our team of florists will help you choose the perfect flowers for the summer season.


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